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de Prince
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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 96 13:27:06 GMT
From: mis1 <>
Subject: TAB: Dolphin.crd (Updated Version) by O-> (Prince)

This tab is adapted from the one posted by : (Kevin Christopher Verde)

So he should take a lot of the credit for this. I've included a few alterations
plus the bridge.

    "Dolphin" - from The Gold Experience
     O{+> (the artist once known as Prince)
      {starts out with an echo like effect on the chords}
      [Em]       [D]              [C]         [Bm]  [Am]
      How beautiful do the words have to be
                  [Bm]          [C]          [D]
      before they conquer every heart?
      [Em]        [D]              [C]         [Bm] [Am]
      How will U know if I'm even in the right key
                   [Bm]          [C]          [D]
      if U make me stop before I start?  {come in loud here!}
      [G]                                 [F]
      If I came back as a dolphin would U listen to me then? 
      [C]                               [Bm]
      Would you let me be your friend?  Would you let me in? 
      [G]                                        [F]
      You could cut off all my fins, but to your ways 
      I will not Bend.
           [C]                          [Bm]
      I'll die before I let you show me how to swim.  
      And I'll come back again,       as a 
      [G] [F] [F] [F#] [G]     repeat....
      [C]				[F]
      If I'm at the water's edge will you find me?	
      [C]		        [C#dim7]
      Will you shine a light to guide me? 		
      [D]			[D#dim7]
      It's happened before, I've knocked on your door,
      But you wouldn't let me in..... 

      {solo over verse chords}	

      The two 'dim7' chords are:

                	|X||||  <- Fourth fret for C#, sixth for D#
			||X|X|     (don't play 1st and 6th string)


      Matt Salmon	
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