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Have you ever seen the rain
de Fogerty john
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From uunet!!torn!!!drraymon Mon Aug 10 11:35:46 PDT 1992
Article: 1446 of
From: (Darrell Raymond)
Subject: Re: REQ: "Have you ever seen the rain?"
Message-ID: <>
Organization: University of Waterloo
References: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1992 13:09:39 GMT
Lines: 56

In article <>, (Patrik.Norman) writes:
> Hi,
> Could anyone please post the lyrics and tabs for the great song
> "Have you ever seen the rain?" with John Foggerty?
> Thanks,
>        Patrik

  Here you go.  The words are probably not quite right; this is the best
I could make out of Fogerty's grating vocal.  Corrections are welcome.

                                Have You Ever Seen The Rain

                                       John Fogerty

          Someone told me long ago

          There's a calm before the storm
          I know
          It's been coming for some time

          When it's over, so they say

          It'll rain a sunny day
          I know
          Shinin' down like water
          D       E
          I wanna know
                   A    C#m      F#m      E
          Have you ever seen the rain
          D       E
          I wanna know
                   A    C#m      F#m      E
          Have you ever seen the rain
          D      E            A
          Comin' down a sunny day
          D  A  C#m          E       A

          Yesterday and days before
          Sun is cold and rain is hot
          I know
          Been that way for all my time
          Therefore ever more it goes
          Through the circle fast and slow
          I know
          It can't stop, I wonder

          I wanna know...
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