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Outlaw Man
de Eagles
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Am               Em 
I am an outlaw, I was born an outlaw's son 
 Am                        Em 
The highway is my legacy  On the highway I will run 
 Am                        Em 
In one hand I've a Bible  In the other I've got a gun  
 Am                      Em 
Well, don' you know me  I'm the man who won 

 ** Chorus ** 
 G          D                     Am          C  
Woman don't try to love me  Don't try to understand  
  G             D           Am            C   E 
A life upon the road is the life of an outlaw man  


This album cut was released in April,73 and  

I first saw these guys as a warm-up band at  

the Warehouse in Naw'lens in June, I knew then 

folks would hear a "lot more from those guys". 

So, I hope David Blue would not mind, if I added  

this verse:  
 Am                 Em  
 I, met a woman,  'round 'bout San Antoin'  
 Am                       Em 
An' late in the evenin', when we were all alone  
 Am                         Em 
I told her,how I loved her and I held her tight!! 
'Cause the next mourin', I was leavin' 
Off to another fight!! 

 ** Chorus ** 

 Em                   Am 
First left my woman, it was down in Santa Fe 
 Em                   Am  
Headed for Oklahoma, I was ridin' night and day 
All of my friends are strangers,  

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They quickly come and go  
And all my love's in danger,  
'Cause I steal hearts and souls  

 ** Chorus ** 

 Am                    Em  
Some me call me Abel, Some men call me Cain, 
 Am                             Em 
Some men call me sinner, Lord  Some men call me saint  
 Am                         Em 
Some say there's a Jesus   Some men say there ain't  
 Am                            Em 
When you got no life to lose  Then there's nothin' left to gain  
 Am       Em 
 Am       Em 
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