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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Evanescence

Going Under
de Evanescence
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Author/Artist: Evanescence
Title: Going Under 
Transcribed by: James C.

Standard tuning (E,A,D,G,B,E)

Chord Reference

    B   A5  G5  D5 F#5             
E |-------------------|
B |-------------------|
G |-4---7---5---7--4--|
D |-4---7---5---7--4--|
A |-2---5---3---5--4--|
E |-2---5---3---5--2--|


Riff 1 (main riff)
E |------------------------------|
B |------------------------------|
G |--4--4--x-4-x-4---------------|
D |--4--4--x-4-x-4---------------|
A |--2--2--x-2-x-2---------------|
E |--2--2--x-2-x-2---------------|

Verse 1 & 2
(Riff 1)                 (Riff 1)
Now I will tell you what i've done for you... (cont).

This is just base and drums, but these are the background notes.
G   A      E

          B      G5    D5
I'm going under (going under) 
A5       B    G5        D5
Drowning you (drowning you) 
A5          B        G5      D5
I'm falling forever (falling forever) 
     A5     B            G5
I've got to break though 
D5  A5     (Riff 1)
I'm going under 

[Interlude (from 2nd chorus)]
             G5                F#5
So go on and scream, Scream at me 
       B5                        G5
So far away... I won't be broken again 
            F#5                     B (staccato, hit and mute)
I've got to breathe... I can't keep going under 

The end is just the main riff played once. Sorry no solo.  
It's in the key of B and not too dificult but i haven't bothered 
to figure it out yet.

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