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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Evanescence

My Immortal
de Evanescence
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"My Immortal" - Written and Preformed by Evanescence
Tabbed by: Jesse Davies (



E  --- 1st            
Bb --- 2nd   
G  --- 3rd   (Tune 5th Fret, 3rd string to open 2nd.) *
D  --- 4th
A  --- 5th
D  --- 6th   (Tune 7th Fret, 6th string to open 5th.) *

* - Incidates a Tuning Alteration from standard E tuning.


Chords used:

         Eb D   F   G5  Bb  D/Bb D5  C5
E       ---------------------0---------------
Bb      -----------------0---0---0-------------
G       -3---2---2---7---2---2---7-----------
D       -1---0---0---5---3---3---7---10--------
A       -1---0---3---5---3---0---5---8--------
D       -1---0---3---5---1---0---0---8--------



      Bb                   D/Bb
E  ---------------------|---------------------
Bb ----------2----------|---------2-----2-----
G  -----3-------3-------|-----------3---------
D  ---3---3-------3-----|------3------3-------
A  --1-----1--------1---|----0----------------
D  ---------------------|--0------------------

Bb                    D/Bb
I'm so tired of being here

Bb                  D/Bb
Supressed by all my childish fears

Bb                        D/Bb
and if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave.

Bb                                        D/Bb                      
Because your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone



     G5           D5
E  -----------|-------------------
Bb -----------|-------------------
G  .----------|------7----------.-
D  .-----5----|----7---7--------.-   3x
A  ----5------|--5-------5--------
D  --5--------|-------------------


E   ----------------------
Bb  ----------------------
G   ------5---------------
D   ----3---3-------------
A   ---3-----3------------
D   --3-------3-----------

   These wounds wont seem to heal

   This pain is just too real

G5/D5                        F
   Theres just too much that time cannot erase



       G5       Eb       F            D
E   ---------|---------|---------|--------------------
Bb  ---------|---------|---------|--------------------
G   ---------|-------3-|------2--|-------2-----2------
D   ------5--|-----1---|---------|-----------0---0----
A   ----5----|---1-----|---3-----|----0----0----------
D   --5------|-1-------|-3-------|--0-----------------

G5      Eb           F          D   
   When you cried, I wiped away all of your tears

G5      Eb                F          D  
   When you screamed, I'd fight away all of your fears

G5          Eb        F             D         
   and I've held your hands through all of these years

G5      Eb        F          Bb (back to verse)
   that you still have... on me



       Eb                 G                  F                      Eb
E   ------------------|------------------|-------------------|------------------
Bb  ------------------|------------------|-------------------|------------------
G   ----------3-------|------------7-----|------5-----5------|------------------
D   ----1---1---1-----|------5---5---5---|----------3---3----|------1------1----
A   ---1--1-------1---|----5---5-------5-|----3---3-------3--|----1---1---1-----
D   --1---------------|--5---------------|--3----------------|--1-------1-------

        Eb         F                    D                       C5
E  -------------|-------------------|--------------------|----------------------
Bb -------------|-------------------|--------------------|----------------------
G  -------------|-----5-------------|------2--------2----|----------------------
D  ---1---1---1-|----------3--------|--------0-----------|-----10---------------
A  --1---1--1---|---3----3------3---|----0--------0---0--|---8-----8-----8---8--
D  -1---1-------|-3-----------3---3-|--0-----------------|-8-----------8---7----

Eb            G              F                Eb 
I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone

    Eb                 F         D         C5
but though you're still with me, I've been alone

     G5 (back to chorus)
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