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Pick up the telephone
de Big soul
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Date: Tue, 01 Jan 1980 00:19:37 +0100
From: Stéphane <>
Subject: b/big_soul/pick_up_the_telephone.crd

Big Soul / Love Crazy (Kelleth Chinn/Caroline Wampole)

Transcribed by Stephane Francois (

----------------------------2--1--0-----0--0 ---

Lying in my bed ...

Chorus :


Baby Baby Baby Baby     Don't leave me all alone...

Here are the lyrics:

(phone sound...)

Lying in my bed
Thinking 'bout the day
baby in the Wee hours
think I got a lot to say
tossing in my sheets
reaching for the light
baby it's been three hours
since we since we say goodnight

Looking at my wall
calling out your name
baby all I see is flowers 
and you know i'm not the same
looking at your number
gonna make a call
baby don't you be a coward
now you know you're bound to fall

	Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
	Don't leave me all alone
	Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
	Pick up the telephone

Lying wide awake
got you in my head
baby you can be so sour
why can't you be sweet instead
thinking about the things
that you always say
baby I can feel your power
even when you're far away

all i've got to do
is get you on the line
baby don't you flee and cower
Everything will work out fine
All i've got to say
is just a thing or two
Baby i don't need an hour
to tell you what i want to do

* Break - just strum the "weird Hendrix" chord as you hear it on the CD 

	Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
	Don't leave me all alone
	Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
	Pick up the telephone

And if you're a Big Soul fan, you can write me !!!!

Good luck !

|        Steph         |
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