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Youre sixteen
de Starr ringo
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Date: Fri, 12 Jul 96 18:01:17 0800
From: "Mathew L. Needleman" <>
Subject: You're Sixteen - Chord Pro Format

This tune was submitted by Ted Hermary 

As easy as this tune is to play, now it9s even easier in the chord pro 
format by

(Bobby and Dick Sherman; later performed by Ringo Starr.)

You come [C] on like a dream,
[E7] peaches and cream,
[F] Lips like straberry [C] wine.
You9re [D7] sixteen, you9re [G7] beautiful, and you9re [C] mine.  [G7]

You9re all ri[C]bbons and curls, 
[E7] ooh, what a girl, 
[F] eyes that sparkle and shine.
You9re [D7] sixteen, you9re [G7] beautiful, and you9re [C] mine.

[E7] You9re my baby, you9re my pet
[A7] We fell in love on the night we met.
You [D7] touched my hand, my heart went pop.
[G7] And ooh, when we kissed, we could not stop.

You walked [C] out of my dreams, 
and [E7] into my heart,
[F] now you9re my angle di[C]vine.  
You9re [D7] sixteen, you9re [G7] beautiful, and you9re [C] mine.

submitted by:
Ted Hermary

chord pro format by:
Mathew Needleman
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