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TOP acordes y tablaturas de England ty

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Ill take today
de England ty
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Date: 1/9/97; 12:53:38 PM
From: (Roberto Barbieri)
Subject: I'll Take Today by Ty England

I'll Take Today - Ty England

INTRO: E  B  A  E (x2)

E      B                 F#m   E/G#     A
 Yeah she's the one, the one I told you all about

E            B        F#m        E/G#  A
 Yeah it was serious, but it was long ago

B                    E             F#m                A
 She just might walk over here and give me a kiss for old times

B              E           F#m               A                  A   E
 But don't you worry dear, old times next to you can never come close

                  B          C#m          A      E
CHORUS: I'll take today over yesterday anyday

                  B             C#m          A                  B               
        I'll take lyin' in your arms tonight over and above any love I've known

        A            B                   E         A                          
        Memories may find me but they'll always be behind me

      E A         F#m        B              E
        I'll take today over yesterday anyday

INTRO (play only once)

E       B     F#m  E/G#     A
 I'd be lying if I tried to tell you now

E             B                 F#m        E/G#       A   
 That I never loved her and she never even crossed my mind

B                     E             F#m              A
 But darling that was yesterday and I don't wanna go back

B                        E               F#m           A            A   E
 Right here is where I'm gonna stay with you in each tomorrow of my life


SOLO (B  C#m  A  E  B  C#m  A  B)

A             B                   E         A                          
 Memories may find me but they'll always be behind me

E A          F#m        B              E
   I'll take today over yesterday anyday


Ok, so there you have it. This is a killer song and it is also very easy to
play. There may be some mistakes here because I posted it without listening
to it while I was writing but I don't think so. I also figured out the piano
part (and arranged it for guitar) and the guitar solo but I'm not gonna post
them for the moment. Anyway, they're both fairly easy and are played using 
the E major scale, which is, of course, spelled E F# G# A B C# D#.
During the verse I play E/G# which I've seen presented often with impossible 
fingerings such as 422100. So, I either play an open position E chord and have
somebody (possibly a bass player) play a G# note or I play arpeggios throughout
the verse and then strum the chords in the chorus. If I play arpeggios, I
usually play: E(022100), B(x2444x), F#m(xx4222), E/G# (xx6450) and A(x07650).
This is the way I play it but of course it is just one of the many ways to do
it, so feel free to change it around and experiment and maybe let me know if
you have comments, corrections, suggestions or any request...
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