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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Bon jovi

Real life
de Bon jovi
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             G                          D 
I wish that life was like it is in the movies,
            e                    C
'cause the hero always gets his way.
           G                        D
No matter how hard it gets on that dark, lonely road,
        Em                           C
at the end he's got a smile on his face.
                 G                 D
But when they threw me out to the lions,
        F                             C
no one saved me as I fell from your grace.
             G                      D
And no one wrote me new lines for what I said wrong,
            F                      C
and what I did wrong I could not erase.
     G                  D
This is real life, this is real love,
     Em                   C
this is real pain, that much I'm sure of.
       G                     D            C                 D
These are real tears, these are real fears inside that I can't hide
 - C  ~ ~                G                             D
           I wish that I could be a white knight in armor,
         Em                           C
with an army just to bring you back home.
          G                                D
But I'll admit I'm scared of dialing your number,
             Em                         C
and someone else is gonna answer the phone.
 G                       D
Why can't it be like it is on TV,
          F                       C
when the orchestra plays and you come back to me.

         G                  D
This is real life, this is real love,
           Em                     C
these are real wounds that I'm bleeding from ,
       Am               D
and I realize this is real.
F                          Am               C         G
    I always thought that our love was a story book tale.
 F              C          Am    - C         D            D7
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