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Inside susan de PULP (Acordes y tablaturas)
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Inside susan
de Pulp
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***********************INSIDE SUSAN**************************

Stylophones and cheesy Farfisa organs at the ready. Listen to 
the lyrics of this song; the last twp lines are so beautiful and
true. Definitely Mr. Cocker's best lyrical song.


C  X32010
C7 X32303
G  320003
Gm 355333
Am X02210


C     Am Gm X8



The rest of the song mostly uses the intro sequence, but with the G only used
at then end of the "Oh, oh" bits.

Susan catches the bus into town at 10.30 am, sits on the back seat.
The looks at the back of the man infront of her and thinks about his fat
wrinkled neck looks like a large carrot sticking out of his shirt.
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, ooooohhhhhhhhh
She adds up the numbers on her bus ticket to see if they make 21. But they 
don't. Perhaps she shouldn't bother going to school at all then.
                                                Gm              Am
Her friends will be in the yard with their arms folded on their chests, 
                 G                                 Gm
pushing up their breasts to make them look bigger, whilst the boys will be 
Am                           G
too busy playing football to notice.

The bus is waiting on the high street when it suddenly begins to rain 
torrentialy and sounds like someone has emptied about a million packets
of dried peas on to the roof of the bus
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, ooooohhhhhhhhh
"What if just keeps raining?" she thought." And it was just like living in 
an aquarium, only it all shoppers and office workers floating past the window
instead of fish."
Gm                                                   Am
She is still thinking of this when the bus goes past Caroline Lee's house
                        G                     Gm
Where there was a party last week. There were some German exchange students
Am                           G
over who were very immature. They ended up jumping out of the bedroom


One them tried to get her to kiss him on the stairs. So she kicked him.

*Back to normal now!*

Later she was sick because she drank too much cider. Caroline was drunk 
as well, she was pretending she was married to a tall boy in glasses and
she had to wear a polo neck for three days afterwards to cover up the
lovebites on her neck

C      Am Gm X8
Oh, oh. *From here onwards, a high clunking piano bangs out a c7 chord,
Oh, oh   regardless of chord changes*
Oh, oh
Oh, ooooohhhhhhhhh

Gm        Am  G
Gm        Am  G

By now the bus is going past the markets. Outside is a man who spends
all day forcing felt tip pens into peoples' hands and then trying to get
them to pay for them. She used to work in a pet shop there but she got the
sack for talking to boys when she was supposed to be working. She didn't 
really care, she hated the smell of rabbits anyway. "Maybe this bus won't
stop and I'll stay on it until I'm old enough to go to pubs on my own and
it'll drive me a town where people with balck hair are treated especially
I can make lots of money charging fat old men £5 a time to look up my skirt
and they'll be queing up to take me to dinner." I suppose you think she's 
just a silly girl with silly ideas, but I remember her in those days. They 
talk about a fire within and all that stuff, well she had that. It's just
that nobody dared jump into her fire and risk being consumed. Instead they
just put in a corner and let her heat up the room, warming their hands and
backsides infront of her and then slagging her off about town. No one ever
really got inside Susan and she always ended up getiing off the bus at the
terminus. And then walking home.

C          Am  Gm (repeat to fade)


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