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de Goo Goo Dolls
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Misfortune by the Goo Goo Dolls
(tabbed by
Goo Goo Dolls Web Site: The World of Goo

B5   D5-C#5-B5-A5 G5   A5 (4x)

G5        A5              D5            A5
  One too many times I've seen you in a frown
G5              A5           D5
  You hold your head down in despair
G5    A5            D5       A5
  Oh, but, now it's time you wear that frown
G5             A5
  Cause you'll never see me again

B5-B5-B5-B5   B5   B5

A5       G5         F#5 G5
Fortune, misfortune
A5        G5      F#5 G5
Such a distortion
A5       G5         F#5 G5
Fortune, misfortune
A5        G5      F#5 G5
Such a distortion

B5   D5-C#5-B5-A5 G5   A5 (4x)

You keep on reaching for those things you just can't keep
You keep on searching for some more
But I know, what you stole you are so greedy 
You bet your stealin' like before

A5       G5         B5-B5-B5-B5
Fortune, misfortune

Fortune, misfortune
Such a distortion
Fortune, misfortune
Such a distortion

B5   D5-C#5-B5-A5 G5   A5 (4x)
End on B5

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