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Stopped to fill my car up
de Stereophonics
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Heres the chords for"stopped to fill my car up" off the 1st 
stereophonics album "word gets around". Sorry if its incorrect no-one
else had tabbed it yet and i worked it out myself.
I think its standard tuning.
Esus4 022033
Dsus4 020233
Csus4 032033
Gsus4 320033

Esus4      Dsus4   Csus4
Stopped to fill my car up,
The car felt good that day.
Didn't know where I was going,
But it felt good for a change.
A five and a pocket full of silver,
Paid the lady no change.
Then it started to piss down,
I started driving again.

Gsus4      Dsus4          Csus4         Dsus4  Esus4
But then I looked up, and looked in the mirror behind me

*Verse** (same chords)

A man around forty in the back seat,
Must of got in when i was empty.
And he sat there just waiting,
Likely to smash my face in.
He had a bag full of money,
He said just drive me away.
Didn't know where I was going,
But it felt good to be strange.


Curiousity's over,
Stepped down from the car.
He pulled a gun from his jacket,
Said I was going to die.
It gives me so much satisfaction,
To watcha you beg and cry.
I just made up this story,
To get your attention makes me smile. © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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