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de Orbison roy
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From uunet!!geac!snitor!!dave Fri Aug 21 10:33:51 PDT 1992
Article: 1702 of
From: (Dave Till)
Subject: Re: Chord Request:  "Crying", Roy Orbison
Message-ID: <>
Sender: (snitor.SNI.CA usenet)
Organization: Siemens Nixdorf, Sietec Open Systems, Toronto, Canada
References: <1992Aug13.163506.8455@cabezon.uucp>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 14:01:31 GMT
Lines: 70

In article <1992Aug13.163506.8455@cabezon.uucp> larryh@cabezon.uucp (Larry Huntley) writes:
>	Does anyone have the chords for "Crying" handy?

I know this one from memory, but I don't have my guitar with me at work,
so my memory may play tricks with me.

I don't remember the name of the chord listed as "*" below, but here's
the tab for it:

-B----- 1 ---------
-G----- 1 ---------
-D----- 2 ---------
-A----- 3 ---------

(It might be a C augmented or something.)

I was all right for a while, I could smile for a while

C                                      *
Then I saw you last night, you held my hand so tight

         F              Fm
When you stopped to say hello

       C                   G7
Oh you wished me well, you couldn't tell

              C      Em        C      Em
That I'd been crying over you, crying over you

     F           C             G7           C
When you said so long, left me standing all alone

C                 *       F       Fm
Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying

C                                G7                              C
It's hard to understand, but the touch of your hand can start me crying

I thought that I was over you, but now it's true, so true

                            *               F            Fm
I love you even more than I did before, but darling what can I do?

C                               G7
For you don't love me, and I'll always be

C      Em        C      Em
Crying over you, crying over you

     F               C         G7      
Yes, now, now you're gone, and from this moment on

        C       *       F       Fm
I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying

      C       G7      C
Yeah, crying, crying, over you

Ending (big flourish!):  C   G7   C   F   C
--Dave Till, SNI, Sietec Open Systems Division (dave@snitor.uucp or "Hey, you")
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