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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Goo Goo Dolls

What A Scene
de Goo Goo Dolls
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What A Scene
Standard Tuning


E5    - 022xxx   Em    - 022000   Gmaj7 - x2x032
C5    - x355xx   G5(2) - 3x0033   Dsus  - x0023x
G5(1) - 355xxx   Am    - 002210
F#5   - 244xxx   Cadd9 - X32033

G|-----------------------|  repeat
D|--2---0---2---------0--|   4  x


            E5                       C5                 G5(1)
When you're feeling all wrong in the back of your mind again
         F#5     E5                 C5                   G5(1)
How does it feel When you drop down everything's all the same
F#5           E5            G5(1)
Oh Yeah Saccharine caffeine nicotine gum
         E5                   G5(1)
Yeah it tastes sweet but it's not for long
      E5             G5(1)             C5
And I just think you thought it would be

            E5                       C5             G5(1)         F#5
When you're looking for truth on the cover of a magazine How does it feel
E5                C5                    G5(1)  F5
When you find out what you're not gonna be, Oh Yeah
              E5                 G5(1)
They give you your image and the things you believe
     E5                G5(1)
Open your eyes tell me what did you see
      E5             G5(1)         C5
And I just think you thought it surreal

G5(2)       Em               Cadd9
How does it feel when you're out on your own
    G5(2)        Em             Cadd9
And now it's too late to come home
         G5(2)      Em               Cadd9
And it's hard to be free when you're down on your knees
        Am            G5(2)       Em
Take it easy till you make it alone

             E5                    C5             G5(1)
Now you're a supermarket punk rock television comedy   
Out on the scene
E5               C5                    G5(1)    F#5
Yeah I bit down now there's no hand to feed Oh Yeah
                  E5         G5(1)
And all the beautiful images lining your walls
    E5                G5(1)
Pop radio screaming down the halls
    E5            G5(1)             C5
Now you think you found something real
                E5                 G5(1)
When it's all about money and the things that you need
        E5              G5(1)
Live a big lie and they all believe
       E5            G5(1)       C5
Now I just find that somehow obscene

Chours (1x)
        Am            G5(2)      Cadd9
Take it easy till you make it alone

       Gmaj7     Em     D     Cadd9
What a scene Yeah
When it's all been said before And all been done
        Am            G5(2)      Em
Take it easy till you make it alone
        Am            G5(2)      E5
Take it easy till you make it alone     C5            G5(1)             D5
                                  No no no no no no   no no no no no no no no no
                                  repeat 12x
(after 3rd and 8th time)

      E5          C5              G5              D5
These lies weight more than truth innocence looks good on you
     E5       C5                 G5
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