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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Small faces

de Small faces
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The Universal
(Steve Marriott/Ronnie Lane)

This is an ace Small Faces tune, you can find it on almost any hits collection.  Thanks to Frankie Dodds with helping me sort it out!  Email me with any changes,
Cheers and enjoy,

There’s such a lot of good ways to be bad
    D					        A
And so many bad ways to be good haven’t paid my rent yet
B7                      E7                       A
I tell them sorry but I haven’t got the money anymore 

F#			                            B7              E7
Just for today I thought I’d leave home alone, hold hands with day
       D            		           A
And if I’m so bad, why don’t they take me away?

Just like what you hear with a shell pressed to your ear
           D			   D7                A
That’s the sea in the trees in the morning hello the universal
B7                       E7  	                A
Good morning Steve, well you won’t believe me today

F#                                                            B7            E7
Working doesn’t seem to be the perfect thing for me so I’ll continue to play
       D                                  A
And if I’m so bad why don’t they take me away? 

D, Dsus4, D, A, B7, E7, (A)

Well a hippy trippy name dropper came through my door
He said “I just bumped into Mick he told me you know where to score?”
       A          B7            E7               A
No not me friend, I mind my own and my own minds me 

F#                                       B7            E7
Well my love is at the foot of your hand come what may
      D                                           A
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