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One more song
de Eagles
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From: Rick L []
Sent: Friday, January 23, 1998 9:03 PM
Subject: CRD: One More Song Randy Mesiner/The Eagles Chords/Lyrics

Song:   One More Song   written by  Jack Tempchin
Artist: The Eagles

Randy Meisner        vocals/guitar
Craig Hull           guitar
Craig Krampf         drums
Sterlins Smith       keyboards
Don Francisco        percussion
Don Henley           background vocals
Glenn Frey           background vocals

      Bb                       Eb
I was singing in a bar in San Diego
        Bb                             F
And the clock on the wall said time to go
        Bb                          Eb
And the old man in the chair by the fire
               Bb        F           Bb     F
Said would you boys mind playing one more
One more song for the night gone by
Bb                                F
One more song  for the  Long ride home
         Bb              Eb
One more song   before I walk out the door
         Bb       F      Bb    F
One more song before I'm alone
          Bb                               Eb
Me and my buddies we were knows as the Silverados
      Bb                         F
I was leaving town for good that night
      Bb                       Eb
So we sang him one more in the old Sombrero  bar
                Bb      F    Eb
Beneath the old broken neon light
One more song for the night gone by
One more song for the good times and the bad
For the faces of strangers and the
Voices of friends
         Bb            F       Eb    Bb
One more song for the times we had


Bb                         Eb
So we sang him a sad and a sweet one
And we sang it so soft
And so high
And his tired eyes
They smiled goodbye
When the waitress said
F       Eb
Closin' time
Bb                        Eb
I thought, it's funny the places

Life will lead you
         Bb                    F
As I was packin' away my bass guitar
       Bb                      Eb
I was singin' this song as the road
Raced along, and the empty night
F            Eb
Swallowed my car
One more song for the night gone by
One more song for the things we've done
One more song for this road
I'm traveling on
         Bb           F       Eb
One more song for the time to come
For the times to come

    From Randy Meisner "One More Song"
    Epic Records 1980
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