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Midnight blue
de Gramm lou
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Midnight Blue (D, Dsus4, Dadd9, G, A)

I aint got no regrets
I ain't loosing track of, which way I'm going.......I ain't gonna double back, No.

.....Don't wanna  misplay, put on no display
And the angel know (?), But I know my way

(oh yah....ahhhhuh)

I used to follow, yah that's  true
but my following days are I just gotta follow through

I remember what my father said, he said son "life is simple, and see the  cherry red....

....of Midnight Blue,  aaaaah-oooooo
Midnight Blue, aaaah-ooooooo

You were the restless one and I did not care that,
I was the troubled boy, looking for the double-dare.
I wanna apologize for the things I done and said,
but when I win your heart, I'm gonna  paint it cherry red.

I don't wanna talk about, ........what you did to me
I can't live without it..........(pause)
And you might think, that its much to soon 
for us to go as far,  into the......

Midnight Blue......aaaah-oooo
Its Midnight Blue......aaah-oooo

If things could be different, that'd be a shame cause
I'm the one that can feel the sun, right in the pouring rain
I wont say where, Don't know when but 
soon there gonna come a day baby,  I'll be back again

(chords) yeh....I'll be back for you
(chords) see I'm saving up my love......

Midnight Blue .....aaaah
into the Midnight Blue.....ahhhhh
another Midnight Blue.....
the deepest Midnight Blue.....
Into the Midnight Blue........
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