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Brazil originally by ?? -- adapted for the movie Brazil
Ok for anyone out there how loved the sound track from Brazil -
by Terry Gilliam I was going through an old music book the other
day and happened across this.. Just in case you cant decrypt it,
 _________                   *
|1         go back to the    ||: sign   -  play it through again
           __                          *      _______
skipping  |1   and going straight through to |2       the second time.

d to see the movie to get the feel of it but if you have'nt
its sorta a latin beat with a decaying melody
G6                        Gm6                         G6           rit
Brazil, the Brazil that I knew, where I wandered with you lives in my
      E7+ E7   D7
imagi na  tion   Where the songs are passionate and a smile has a
flash in it nad a kiss has heart in it For you put you heart in it
G G+ G6 Gmaj7  Am Fmaj7 A6 F#dim7 G     G+ G6 Gmaj7 Am  Fmaj7 Am6
        And so             I      dream       of    old
F#dim7  *   G G+ G G+ G     G+          G6   G+    G    Am F A6 F
Bra     ||: zil       Where hearts were entertaing June
Am F     A6         F          Am F A6 F Am  F      Am6      Am  Cm6
We stood beneath an amber moon           and softly murmured softly
    G G+ G6 Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7 Am6 F#dim7 G     G7       E7   Dm E7
soon                           and    clung together then    the morning
                     Dm E7                                    Am F Am6 F
found me nights away       With still a million things to say
Am F Am            Cm                 G                             Am
Now  when twilight dims the sky above recalling thrills of our love
                    D7          G G+ G6 Gmaj7 Am   Fmaj7  Am6 F#dim7 G
Theres one thing im certain of          Re -  turn            I      will
G+ G6 Gmaj7 Am  Fmaj7 Am6 F#dim7  G   G+ G6 G | 1  Am F Am6 F#dim7   :||
      to    old           Bra   - zil                       Bra -
|2 G G+ G6
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