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Private ale
de Green day
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Subject: Private Ale -GREEN DAY
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 22:23:34 -0500 (CDT)

Private Ale - GREEN DAY

Here is yet another Green Day tune off Kerplunk.  Cool song, fun to play. 
Write me if you
download this.  I want to hear from you.  If you have any Green Day requests,
I can play just
about everything.  Thanks.

INTRO:     (8'th notes, muted)


I wonder down these streets all by myself
G#----------------(muted)----------------   C#
Think of my future now I just don't know
C#                   G#
I don't seem to care

I stop to notice that I'm by your home
G#----------------(muted)-------   C#
I wonder if you're sitting all alone
C#                          G#
Or is your boyfriend there?

                C#  G#   Eb
Because I feel so right
           C#    G#    Eb
Let my imagination go
                 C#  G#   Eb
Until you're in my sight
                        C#          G#        Eb
And through my veins temptation flows

    F#--G#     F#   C#       X4
(quick slide)

VERSE 2 (same chords as the first)
So I sit down here on the hard concrete
Think of my future now I just don't know
I don't seem to care .
So I sit across the street from your home
I wonder if you're sitting all alone
Or is your boyfriend there?



BRIDGE: (lyrics impossible)
G#    C     F#     X4      then Eb

G#------   F#-----    X4



OUTRO:  (last 3 chords of the song)
G#    C    F#  (fade into feedback)

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