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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Green day

In the end
de Green day
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Song: In The End
Artist: Green Day
Album: Dookie
Tabbed by: Darin Oulaghan (
questions and comments welcome!

All guitars tuned down 1/2 step


   A5   G5   D5   E5   F#5


     A5            G5        A5              G5
 All brawn and no brains and all those nice things,

            A5      G5           A5      G5
 yeah, you finally got what you want

  A5         G5             A5            G5   
 Someone to look good with and light your cigarette

 A5            G5         A5
 Is this what you really want?


D5             E5  
 I figured out   what your all about

        A5                      F#5 
 And i dont think i like what i see

 So  I hope i wont be there 

    E5                    A5    G5   A5   G5
 in the end if you come around

Verse 2


Interlude - play 15 times - chord played under the riff is A5




A5   G5   A5

Verse 2 lyrics:

Long will he last before hes a creep in the past
and your alone once again
Will you pop up again and be my special friend
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