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Perfectly still
de Gin blossoms
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Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 17:26:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Evan MALVOLIO Hulka <>

SONG NAME: Perfectly Still
ARTIST: Gin Blossoms
ALBUM: Congratulations I'm Sorry
YEAR: 1996
TABBED BY: Malvolio
"Perfectly Still" -- Gin Blossoms
Note: This tab is in power chords, because A) It's easier to tab that 
way, and I'm a lazy ass; and B) at the time I tabbed it, I was 
alternating between listening to the Gin Blossoms album and a Screeching 
Weasel album (talk about variety!) so the tab is a little weird. I think 
I've got it about right; just slip in a few minors or 7ths or something.
D         G
It's our call
D               G
It sways, it stalls
D                             G                A                D
I need a little extra time alone, I'll maybe take the long way home
D                      G     
Just enough to get it wrong
E                  F# G                     
Nothing like a bad decision says who you are
D           G  B                     A                   D
Fools rush in for the grist* in my, for the grist in my mill
           G   B                       A                     D
Can't you see when you're perfectly, when you're perfectly still
(* - What the hell is grist anyway? god, I'm such a dumbass)
One big rout, all sold out
(??) we'll pay
Price tags on every other day
We're bankrupt here for now
But they can't take my anger, it can't be touched
Faded maps, pull out ramps
I won't contribute to our own demise
Pass up the consolation prize
It starts from here from now
Nothing like a bad decision...
And I'll be damned if I know the solo. Somewhere near the end it changes 
key, I think to E.
Later, E. Hulka

--- no signature	Evan "Malvolio" Hulka
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