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Glow girl
de Who
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Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 00:38:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CRD: Glow_Girl by: Who

Glow Girl
By The Who
>From Odds and Sods, 1974
Written by Pete Townshend

transcribed by

Capo on 2
Chords (shape with capo)
F# (E)
B (A)
A (G)
B/A     5x444x
Ano3    5x2225
Abm7    4x4444
Bbm7    6x6666
BII     799877
Gm (Fm) 355333

Note: B7/A riff, A bass implied by bass. Can be labeled F#m/A as well.

[intro and verse]
| B  B2 B Bsus ||B7/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus/A |  F#  A  |

B B2 B Bsus     B B2 B Bsus  B7/A...........B7/A
Separates   and lingerie,    seven pairs of shoes

B....               B...      B/A....             F# A
Lots of Woolworth's makeup, a pair of black watch trews

     B                       B/A         A(no3)
Your out-of-tune piano, sentimental photographs
A million little memories, a million little laughs

    F#   Abm7   Bbm7 BII  |    A    Gm        F#
The wing on the aero-plane has just caught on fire

  F#  Abm7         Bbm7 BII| A                   E  |F#
I say without reserva---tion we ain't getting no higher

All you wanted from me, all I had to give
Nothing matters you'll see, when in paradise you live

The plane is diving faster, we're getting near the ground
Nobody is screaming, no one makes a sound

F# [for the 'pop-art' plane crash]

       Badd2      Bsus4   A    E B
       B          Bsus4   Badd2  B
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl,
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl.
 [bass riff]

F# A B

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