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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Stone temple pilots

de Stone temple pilots
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Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Atlanta
Album: No. 4
transcribed by Eric Gesinski

These chords are not necessarily correct; I picked all this up
by ear, so I could be wrong.

CHANGES: Since the first submission, I've listened more
attentively to the song and have found corrections to be made.
A major one is the F#m in the verses and how it's made (now an
F#msus4/E, to be technical, and I'm leaving the m in just
because that's how it was before) and the construction of the G,
as well as a minor one in the refrain chord repeat cycle.

If you find errors, or want to make any other comments, please
e-mail me.  This is a great song - thanks to STP for it, and
hope you enjoy playing it!

 E F#msus4/E G/E    Am     Am9    D Dsus4 C/G D11 Bm Bb Em

Basic progressions:
E  F#msus4/E  G/E  F#msus4/E
Am  D Dsus4 D  C/G  D11  Am  D Dsus4 D  C/G  D11
(note: Am here can have the 9th added for emphasis, to Am9,
and barre chords can be substituted for different effect...
I have not tabbed out all the barre chords above - if you can
play them, you probably know them already.  Also, when
changing from the C/G to the D11, you can slide the whole
chord, which I believe is done in the song.)
Bm  G  F#m  G  D  C/G  Bb  Bb  Em  Em  Bb  Bb  Em  Em  Bb  Bb  Em

Am     D     C      D11

(note: Originally, I had the lyrics
written with the chords synched above them, where they
would go, but it seems that most tab sites don't want any
lyrics anymore, so this is just the progression.  If you want
my full original tab, with lyrics, you can e-mail me.)

In 3/4 time - 3 beats between each "|":

E | F#msus4/E | G/E | F#msus4/E  x2

Verse 1:
E | F#msus4/E | G/E | F#msus4/E  x4

Am | D Dsus4 D | C/G | D11 x4

Verse 2:
E | F#msus4/E | G/E | F#msus4/E  x4


Bm | G | F#m | G
D | C/G | Bb | Bb
Em | Em | Bb | Bb
Em | Em | Bb | Bb
Em (only on one beat)

Am     D     C      D11
Play twice
Then play over chorus
(play arpeggiation over seven repetitions of lyrical chorus,
then once over whistling of chorus melody;
play normal chord progression for chorus if playing chords)
Repeat, fade out...

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