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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Bevis frond

Day one
de Bevis frond
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  >>>   DAY ONE - ( Bevis Frond )   <<<

  Chords used in the song :

  Am : X 0 2 2 1 0
  G+ : 3 2 0 0 3 3
  D  : X X 0 3 2 3
  F  : 1 3 3 2 1 1
  C  : X 3 2 0 1 0
  Hm : X 2 4 4 3 2

  Am        G+         D        F       C           Hm     C
  Judgement day passed quietly. Nothing changed and no one died
      F       C      G+    Am      F     C  G+  Am 
  and life continued as it used to in my head.    
  F     C      G+        Am        F       C  G+  Am  F
  In my head i heard you laughing, but you cried.

           Am       G+    D       F      C      Hm     C
  You were standing on an island, in the middle of the groove, 
  F     C      G+        Am    F   C  G+  Am  F
  and a sea of fumes and anger all around. 
  F   C           G+     Am      F      C  G+  Am  F
  All around your pretty poisend head i drove.

         Am      G+      D          F       C      Hm    C
  It was nothing like we planned it or they led us to belive. 
      F       C       G+    Am       F        C  G+  Am  F
  For we were lost in total darkness from day one. 
  F        C      G+       Am        F     C  G+  Am  F
  From day one we give out more than we recive.

        Am   G+      D     F    C         Hm         C
  Do we circulate forever, on a ring road round this town.
  F       C       G+       Am      F      C  G+  Am  F
  Getting back to where we startet long ago. 
  F      C    G     Am          F         C  G+  Am  F
  Long ago we had a chance, but turned it down.

  Am      G+     D      F     C     Hm       C
  Someday in the future, when every muscle's torn. 
  F      C        G+     Am       F     C  G+  Am  F
  I will tell you that i love you and i do, 
  F     C     G+       Am    F       C  G+  Am  F
  and i do belive i'll be no further use .
     F       C        G+     Am       F     C  G+  Am  F
  No further use then on the day when i was born.

  Translated by : Oistein Olsen, Norway

  :  Is there anybody else out there who's holding out on      :
  :  any Bevis Frond material ?   I've would be eternily       :
  :  grateful.  My add:                   :
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