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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Marley bob

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I shot the sheriff
de Marley bob
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{st:(Bob Marley)}
	{c: refrain1} (deux fois)
	[Gm]I shot the sh[Gm]eriff,
	[Cm]but I [Cm]did not shoot the [Gm]deputy. [Gm]===[Gm]===[Gm]
	[Eb]All a[Dm]round in my [Gm]home town [Gm]
	they're [Eb]trying to [Dm]track me [Gm]down. [Gm]
	They [Eb]say they want to [Dm]bring me in [Gm]guilty [Gm]
	for the [Eb]killing of a [Dm]deputy,[Gm]===[Gm]
	for the [Eb]killing of a [Dm7]deputy,[Gm]===[Gm]
	But I say: [Gm]===[Gm]===[Gm]===[Gm]
	{c: refrain2}(deux fois)
	I shot the sheriff,
	but I swear it was in selfdefence.
	Sheriff John Brown always hated me
	for what I don't know.
	Ev'ry time that I plant a seed
	he said "Kill it before it grow," (deux fois)
	But I say:
	{c: (refrain2)}
	Freedom came my way one day
	and I started out of town.
	All of a sudden I see sheriff John Brown,
	aiming to shoot me down.
	So I shot, I shot him down.
	But I say:
	{c: (refrain1)}
	Reflexes got the better of me
	and what is to be must be.
	Ev'ry day the bucket goes to the well,
	but one day the bottom will drop out,
	yes one day the bottom will drop out.
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