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Im one
de Who
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Subject: CRD: Im_One by: Who

I'm One (at least)
By The Who, From Quadrophenia, 1973, written by Pete Townshend

transcribed by

G           3x0003	
D7sus4/G    3x0213	
G(add5)     3x003x	
Fmaj7       x33210	
D2/C        x30230
G6/B        x20030
D2/F#       2x0232 (use thumb)
D2          xx0230 or x(0)4230

[intro and verse]

|G   D7sus4/G     G(add5)  D7sus4/G  |
Every year is the same, and I feel it again
I'm a loser, no chance to win
Leaves start falling, come down is calling
Loneliness starts sinking in

        D      D2/C  Dm  D2/C     [stage: D          D2/C  G6/B   D2/C]
But I'm one

    D    D2/C    Dm  D2/C
I'm one

    Fmaj7          D2      D
And I can see that this is me

    Fmaj7     Em         D2/F#       G -->[intro pattern]
And I will be youŐll all see I'm the one

Where'dyou get those blue blue jeans
Faded patched secret so tight
Where'dyou get that walk oh so lean
Your shoes and shour shirt all just right

        D      D2/C  F  C 
But I'm one

    D    D2/C    F  C
I'm one

    Fmaj7          D2      D
And I can see that this is me

    Fmaj7      Em         D2/F#       G -->[intro pattern]
And I will be, you'll all see I'm the one

I got a Gibson without a case
But I can't get that even tanned look on my face
Ill-fitting clothes and I blend in the crowd
Fingers so clumsy, voice too loud

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