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Mr jones
de Counting crows
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From Eric Simon                  
To: <>, <>
Subject: counting_crows/

To: >; >

Hello, I'm not sure who to send this too, but I have a correction.

> Ok, This is my FIRST REAL attempt at figuring out a songs chords.
> I think I have them pretty much correct.  (Remember now....I am a drummer by
> trade- I know boo hiss).  The only thing that might be wrong is the first
> chord to the "chours" section.  If you have any corrections, let me know.

Good job!  But, you are right in you're suspician about that first
chord to the chorus section -- it should be a "C" and not an "Am". 
Give it a try, you will like what you hear.

So, to the masters that be, here is the .tab file, exactly as I have
downloaded it, except for the appropriate Am to C chord changes:


Mr. Jones   -   Counting Crows

Am F Dm G Am F Dm G G
        sha la la la la la la

Am                F             Dm              G 
I was down at the New Amsterdam staring at this yellow haired girl
    Am                          F                 G 
Mr. Jones strikes up this conversation whith this black haired flamenco dancer
Am                   F             Dm                      G 
She dances while his father playes guitar.  She's suddenly beautiful
    Am                F                      G 
We all want something beautiful I wish I was beautiful

        Am                 F                          Dm          G 
So come dance this silence down through the morning.  sha la la la la la
Am   F  G
   Uh, huh...
Am      F       Dm                      G 
Cut up Mariea!  Show me some of them spanish dances.
Am        F           G 
Pass me a bottle, Mr. Jones
Am         F    Dm                 G 
Believe in me   Help me believe in anything
       Am             F           G 
(cause)I want to be someone who believes

C   F           G 
Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
Am            F            
Stare at the beautiful women
"She's looking at you.  Ah no, no she's looking at me."
Am             F 
Smiling in the bright lights
Comming through in sterio
Am             F          G 
When everybody loves you, you can never be lonely

Am              F           Dm            G 
I will paint my picture   Paint my self in blue and red and black and grey
Am                   F                    G 
All of the beautiful colors are very very meaninful
           Am         F              Dm                 G 
(You know) Grey is my favorite color I felt so symbolic yesterday
Am        F                            G 
If I knew Picasso I would buy myself a grey guitar and play

C   F            G 
Mr. Jones and me look into the future
Am           F            
Stare at the beautiful women
"She's looking at you.  Uh, I don't think so.  She's looking at me."
Am              F         G 
Standing in the spotlight I bought myself a grey guitar
Am             F           G                  Am
When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely
I will never be lonley
        Am        G
I will never be lonley
Am                  G
I want to be a lion Everybody wants to pass as cats
Am                               G
We all want to be big big stars, but we got diffrent reasons for that.
Am                    G
Believe in me because I don't believe in anything
Am                  G
and I want to be someone to believe, to believe, to believe.

C   F            G 
Mr. Jones and me stumbling through the barrio
Am                   F
Yeah we stare at the beautiful women
"She's perfect for you, Man, there's got to be Somebody for me."
Am                F
I want to be Bob Dylan 
Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky
Am              F              G 
When everybody loves you, son, that's just about as funky as you can be.

C    F           G 
Mr. Jones and me staring at the video
Am        F                    G 
When I look at the television, I want to see me staring right back at me.
Am                F                    G 
We all want to be big stars, but we don't know why, and we don't know how.
Am                 F           G 
But when everybody loves me, I'm going to be just about as happy as I can be.
C         F           G 
Mr. Jones and me, we're gonna be big stars..... © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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