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John wayne was a nazi
de Mdc
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O|--Artist: MDC--------------------|
B|----Song: John Wayne was a nazi--|
B|--- Date: 9-9-2001---------------|
E|--Tab By Jakob Matzen------------|

I love this song It's fucking cool and really to play.
Not sure about the lyris, when you find any mistakes (he, he) 
please email on and if you want some tabs 
whit Nirvana, Silvercahir, Foo Fighters or Diverse artist can I Email 
them to you.     

Tuning: Dropped D-Turning.

A: 577655
G: 355433
F: 133211

Intro/verse riff:
     A     G     F    G
G:|---------------------------|  Repeat in the whole song.


I said John Wayne was a nazi
He likes to play SS 
Carried a picture of ate up boy
Carried in his Cowboy west

Yah, he string up your mama
And yah, he torture your pap
And yah, he march you up to that wall
And yah, he hangs you up by your balls

He was a nazi, but his not anymore  
He was a nazi, life even his store
He was a nazi, but his not anymore
He was a nazi

John Wayne slaughter our Indian brothers  
Burn their villages and rape their mothers
Now he has given them a whit man law
Live by this or the top of my sword


John Wayne killed allot of use in war
We don't give a fuck about John any more
We knows his town is blood and war
Just another porn for the chapels whore   

He was a nazi, but his not anymore  
He was a nazi, life evils whore
He was a nazi, but his not anymore
He was a nazi

John Wayne war on an uniform
Didn't like the rest fact did he come form?
Dick right here had so mush nerve
Live mush longer that he ever deserve


"one more"

Late night Mexican Indian dies
Clan Propaganda geode mice 
Hypocritical cow, there are four that will fight
When I see John I'm a same to white

Deathbed christen to visual vale
God is a lie when gross is ale     
Well John we ain't got regress   (I just Play a A cord here)                
As long as you own people death 


Jakob Matzen 9/9 2001.

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