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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Linkin Park

My December
de Linkin Park
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Title:My December
Artist:linkin Park/
Tabbed by:Chris Atkinson

I found a tab for this song that was very accurate apart from one thing
so I thought Id show ya all the correct version.


Im quite new to playing guitar, and my fingers arent all that flexible, so I can
I have found that by putting a capo on the second fret makes it a lot easier to 

This is a really nice song from linkin park, showing that they are not just some
metal band that know how to shout, you see their amazing singing talents in this

It consists of guitar, drums, bass and vocals, there is actually no guitar in th
song, but the above sounds really nice when played on a guitar if you 
get the right sound.

I know it may be a bit of a bore to play, but trust me, its more intersting than
it on piano, and you can fiddle about with it maybe in the chorus or something.

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