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Star of the county down
de Misc traditional
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Uncle J Even you can play this


Star of the County Down 
Em				G	D	      Em		   D	
Near Bainbridge town in the county down one morning last July
	         Em		       G           D                     Em               C           Em	
Down the wild boreen came a sweet Colleen and she smiled as she passed me by. 
            G			Am                              G               Em              D	
She looked so sweet from her two bare-feet to the sheen of her nut brown hair. 
             Em                          G            D                 Em             C          Em
Sure a coaxing elf I'd to shake me-self to make sure I was standing there.

            G                                  Am                           G            Em           D
From Bantry Bay down to Derry Quay from Galway to Dublin Town.
        Em                                    G                             D               Em     C   Em
No Maid I've seen like the sweet Colleen that I met in the county down.
Em                                        G            D               Em                               D
As she onward sped sure I shook my head and I gazed with a feeling quare
                    Em                                   G         D             Em      C             Em
And I said, says I, to a passer-by: whose the maid with the nut brown hair?
           G                Am                           G                     Em                         D
Oh he smiled at me and with pride says he; that's the gem of Ireland's crown.
                      Em                              G                           D     Em         	C
She's young Rosie McGann from the banks of the Bann she's the star of the county

Em                                        G                  D            Em		D
She'd a soft brown eye and a look so sly and a smile like a rose in June
	Em 			G	D		Em 	C	Em
And you craved each note from her lily-white throat as she lifted an Irish tune
G		Am		G		Em			D
At the pattern dance you'd be held in trance as she tripped through a jig or a reel
		Em			G		D		Em	C	Em
When her eyes she'd roll she would lift your soul and your heart she would quickly steal

Em				G		D	Em		D
Now I've roamed a bit was never hit since my traveling days began
	Em		G		D	Em	C	Em
But fair and square I surrendered there to the charms of young Rosie McCann
		G 	Am		G		Em 		D
With my heart to let sure no tenant yet did I meet with a shawl or a gown
		Em			G		D	Em	C  Em
But in she went and I asked no rent from the star of the County Down.
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