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Our father
de Extreme
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Subject: TAB: Extreme - Our Father

Our Father - (Extreme III)

Solo not included.

The opening section is played with clean guitar and delay set at around
340 milliseconds.  (half of what you hear on the record is just slapback

There's a lot of slide guitar during the chorus which I've haven't bothered

I've tried to keep the lyrics in time with the music.  To keep from wasting
space where there's a lot of words but not much music happening, I put
the words in brackets.  When the brackets end, the next word is in time
with the tablature above it.

As usual, the layout of this is a mess.  I understand it but no-one
else probably will.  Tough :-)


M above note = palm-mute 
a.h  = artificial harmonic
^ = hammer/pull
3(b)5 = bend 3rd fret to 5th


Bb     -133--
C      -355--
Cadd9  -3553-
G      3-0033
Bmaj   -233--
Bsus4  -2334-


E -----9----5----7----5----5----0-0--2-2--2-2------2--2---2--------
B -----5----5----5----5----5^7--3-3--3-3--3-3----2-2--2^3-2---3^5--
G -----7----7----7----7----7----2----2----2-2----2----2-------2----
D ------------------------------0----0----0-0----0----0------0-----
A -----------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------

E --0-0--1-1----------1---1---1--
B --3-3--3-3--3/53---3---3---3--
G --3----3----3/53---3---3---3--
D --0----0----0-------0---0---0--
A -------------------------------
E -------------------------------

           (this part is more complicated when then singing starts.  It sounds
	   as though Nuno is playing the delayed part, so when it really gets
	   delayed, it sounds twice as complicated.  What's below is close 
  Verse 1.  

E ---------0-0--2-2--2-2------2--2---2----------0-0--1-1--------------------
B ---------3-3--3-3--3-3----2-2--2^3-2---3^5----3-3--3-3--3/53--------3----
G ---------2----2----2-2----2----2-------2------3----3----3-5-3------0---0--
D ---------0----0----0-0----0----0------0-------0----0----0--------2-------2
A ---------------------------------------------------------------0----------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Oh daddy please....                  

E --------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -2^3^2^0^2^3--------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------7--7--X-X---7------7--7--X-X---7----------
D ------------------------------7--5--X-X---7------7--5--X-X---5----------
A ------------------------------5--5--X-X---5--X-X-5--5--X-X---5----------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

     1.                Oh daddy please...                (Come) find
                    2. Oh daddy please...(Don't leave, there's) so

        M  M M    M M M M              a.h
E ---1---------1------------1-----1-----------+-----------------------------
B ---3---------3--3-3-3-3---3-----3-----------|------------------2--2-------
G ---3---------3--3-3-3-3---3-----3-3(b)5~~~--|------------------0--2-------
D ---0--0--0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0--0--0-----------|--3^2---3^2-------0--2------- 
A --------------------------------------------|------3-----3^0------0-------
E --------------------------------------------+------------------3----------
   1.(the time, come watch us growing)           |               
                                   Bb            |
   2.(much more we want to know be-fore you go)--+               Aahhh...

                                                  C G   C        Cadd9 
     Well I'm in need of someone to tie my shoes (ohhhh oh) take hold of 

                                    G   A 
     my hand when I become afraid.  Ahhhhhh.. and whose footsteps will I

                  C G   C              Bsus4     Bmaj
     follow into (daddy please)  don't run  away.

                  M M   M M     M M  M             M  M M    M M  M M
E --------------------------------------------------------5-----------5-----
B ------------------------------------------3-------------5-----------5-----
G --9---5------------------/9----------9----0---3---------3-----------3-----
D --9---5------------2-----/9-----2----9----0---3---------3-----------3-----
A --7---7------------2-----/7-----2----7--------0--0--0-0-0--0-0--0-0-0-----
E -----------------0-0--0-0-0---0-0000-0----3-------------------------------

 1. Our father...                           Far farther...        
 2. Our father...                           Far farther...     Away...

Verse 2.
                             M M M
E -------------2------2------------2-----2-----------1-----1-------
B ---------------3------3--------3---2-----3-----------3-----3-----
G -----------2-----2------2----2-------2-----2-----3-----3-----3---
D ---------0-----------------0-------------------0---------------0-
A -----------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------

  Oh daddy please...    (I pray every night the) doors will open.       
  Oh daddy please...    (this house is just a)   broken home left 
   M  M M  
E ----------1---1------
B --------1-------1----
G ------3-----3-----3--
D ----3----------------
A --1------------------
E ---------------------
    all alone.

  Lead-in to solo after second chorus...

    M  M M M M M M M                         M M
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -----------0-----0--2--------------------------9--------------------------
D ---------0-----0----2--------2-----------------9-----2--------------------
A ---0-2-3-----2------0------4---4---------------7---4---4------------------
E ---------------------------------3(b)4--0--0-0-0---------3(b)4--0--0-2-3-4

E -------
B -------
G -------
D -------
A -------
E -3-2-0-

  That's it.  There's a fair bit more, but I haven't gotten around to it, 
  and may not ever.


Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)
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