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No strings attached
de Nsync
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Title: No Strings Attached
Artist: *Nsync
Album: No Strings Attached
Year: 2001

Transcribed by: Greg Richards
contact info:

**These are the chords from *Nsync's sheetmusic
songbook for "No Strings Atached"**

Bm	x24432
A	x02220
F#m7	242222
G	320003
F#7/A#	6x465x
F#7	242322
A6	x02222
Gmaj7	3x0002
Em7	022030
Gmaj9	3x4435

Bm                          N.C.
Baby your not the only one.

Ooh yeah,   hey yeah.

Bm        A                     F#m7
I see the things he does to you, all the pain

             G         A  Bm               A
that he puts you through. And I see what's really

          F#m7                                 G
going on, staying out at night while you're by the


A             G          A
 Take it from me, it's a lesson to be learned.

F#7/A#                     Bm  A            G
Even the good guys get burned. Take it from me, see,

A                          F#7/A
I would give you love, the kind of love you've only

dreamed of.

Bm                     A6     Gmaj7
Baby, you're not the only one, you don't have to be

 A                     Bm
afraid to fall in love. And I know that you've hurt

A6                       Em7
 in the past. But if you want it, here's my heart,

G    A                  N.C.
  no strings attached.

            Gmaj9       A6                    Bm
Take it from me, it's a lesson to be learned. Even

                        F#m7              G        A
the good guys get burned---. Take it from me, see, I 

would give you love, the kind of love that you've

           Bm              Em7     F#m7  Gmaj7
only dreamed of. So if you want to take a chance

        A6   Bm     A6                     Gmaj7
with me...   If you take a chance with me, I'll

   A              Bm           A6            Em7
be everything you need because it's our destiny,

-Verse 2-
He doesn't give you the kind of attention
That a girl like you needs, (that a girl like you needs)
'Cause he always looks around, his eyes wander 'round
he doesn't see you like I see, yeah,
(To pre-chorus)

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