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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Pennywise

Get a life
de Pennywise
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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 22:13:44 -0500
From: daniel r planas <>


INTRO: this is the main rythym that is played throughout
       (note - E=7th fret A string/ F#=9th fret A string	
               Gii=10th fret A string)
E  G-A D-E
   C-G D-E
   G D C B E


E       -     D  -  E                G                A
wake up with the feeling the whole world has got you down
E       -     D      E
pressure that keeps building's 
          C               G
got you dragging on the ground
E       -   D  - E              G            D
chaos keeps on closing in no answers to be found 
     C                    B
for what you are feeling now 
E      -    D  -  E                G            A
danger that surrounds you it gets worse here everyday
E      -  D  - E             C               G
criminals in power want to take your rights away
E       -   D  -  E                 G                 D
never here your protest they won't let you have your say
  C                  B 
can't find a better way but you don't

CHORUS: I guess this would be called staccato
E    G    A    D    E     C    G    D   E
try sit there and whine about your decline 
    G    D      C               B          E 
I think its a pathetic sort of life you choose
G     A   D  E  C    G     D   E   G       D    
methods abused solutions refused good for you
       C              B          E
but someday you will lose your life
     G         D          E
without even giving it a try 
     G             D                E
depression's the only thing you'll find 
 C          G                D          
give it a chance before you die 
C             B            E
just got one day to get a life

VERSE 2: same chords
everyday procrastinate you won't get very far
listen to religion try and tell you who you are 
marionettes on tv sets parade across your screen 
don't know what it all means 
think there is no point in trying to get up each day 
when problems that confound you only speed your slow decay
future's relegated to a bland pathetic waste
can't find a better way but you don't 



E F#-Gii-D C B D  (repeat)

E                                   F# - Gii  -   D     
know you'll never make it you don't even want to try
C                                  B          D
waiting for the day when you can curl up and die 
E                               F# -  Gii - D
no one's gonna listen no one's out to get you 
C                          B        D        E
blame anyone you want you get the life you choose 
     C               D        
so when're you gonna get a clue
E     C                D    
the world's not gonna wait for you
E     C               G         D   C B
only you can make it all come true 

VERSE 3: same chords

a never ending struggle but one day you see the light
may not think you'll make it but 
won't give up without a fight
recline to aspirations of what you think is right 
fight on with all your might but you don't

repeat CHORUS and that's it

tabbed by daniel p
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