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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Alan jackson

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Midnight In Montgomery
de Alan jackson
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Tom :Dm 

Intro: Dm Dm C C Dm Dm C C 

Dm                               C
Midnight in Montgomery.  Silver Eagle.  Lonely road
      Am                        C
I was on my way to mobile for a big new year's eve show
  Dm                                  C
I stopped for just a minute to see a friend out side of town
       Am                               C
Put my collar up.  I found his name and felt the wind die down

    Dm                        C
And drunk man in a cowboy hat took me by surprise
        Am                            C
Wearing shiny boots, a nudie suit and haunting haunted eyes
         Dm                               C
He said, friend it's good to see you it's nice to know you care
         Am                                       C
Then the wind picked up and he was gone or was he ever really there

     Dm              C
It's midnight in Montgomery
     Dm                C
Just Hear That Whippoorwill
        Dm                 C
See the stars light up the purple sky
Am                 C
Feel that lonesome chill
When the wind is right you'll hear his song
Smell whiskey in the air
Midnight in Montgomery
     C              Dm
He's always singing there

**Repeat Intro

  Dm                              C
I climbed back on that eagle took one last look around
            Am                            C
Through the red taillights a shadow moved slowly across the ground
Dm                                C
Off somewhere a midnight train is slowly passing by
And I can hear that whistle blowing 
I'm so lonesome I could cry  

     C              Dm
He's always singing there
N/C/                         Dm  
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