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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Celine dion

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The Power of Love
de Celine dion
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Tom: G

                        G                          Em
1. The whispers in the morning of lovers sleeping tight,
                          G                             D
    are rolling by like thunder now, as I look in your eyes.
                       G                           Em
    I hold on to your body and feel each move you make,
                            C                  G               D
    your voice is warm and tender, a love that I could not forsake.
                             G                   C 
Refrain 1 : 'Cause I'm your lady and you are my man,
              Am                               D7
whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can.

                    G                      Em
2. Lost is how I'm feeling, lying in your arms,
    when the world outside's too much to take
    that all ends when I'm with you.
                              G                       Em
    Even though there may be times, it seems I'm far away,
                      C                     G              D
   but never wonder where I am 'cause I am always by your side.

+ Refrain 1    +      
Refrain 2  : We're heading for some place, 
                      C                      Am
somewhere I've never been,  sometimes I am frightened 
                  D                        G
but I'm ready to learn about the power of love.
   C     D                   G       C           D         Em-DC
3.  The sound of your heart beating,   made it clear suddenly,
          D             G           C                  D
    the feeling that I can't go on    is light-years away.

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