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TOP acordes y tablaturas de 3 Doors Down

Be Like That
de 3 Doors Down
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
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Author/Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: Be Like That
Album: Better Life
Transcribed by: Rohan Kohli

This is one of my first tabs, so some stuff will probably be wrong.  The
strumming patterns aren't shown, they're just the basic things, like the
chords.  Please listen to either the CD or MP3 and see how to strum it.  I
would have gladly shown the pattern, but I dunno how to express it in tab.

I think the format that I have given is a little confusing, so once again, 
listen to the CD or MP3, it's almost necessary  Comments are appreciated and 
welcomed, so that everyone including myself can play 3DD better.

There are two guitar parts, guitar one is acoustic, guitar two is an
electric guitar.

 (Guitar one):


 Guitar two plays this 0:40 into the song along w/the verse riff.  It's only
 played once, and at the beginning of each chord change in the riff

 Chorus (Both guitar one and two). Strumming pattern NOT shown:             

 Interlude (The first chord could be changed to Am, choose what you want)
 (Both guitar one and two):    

 Second Interlude (Play 2x then end w/the G chord lightly).  I'm not sure
 about that ending chord, so please email me with what you think it is.
 (Both guitar one and two):                                                     

 (Both guitar one and two):                                                     

 Verse 1:

 He spends his nights in California, watching
 the stars on the big screen
 Then he lies awake and he wonders, why
 can't that be me
 Cause in his life he is filled with all these
 good intentions
 He's left a lot of things he'd rather not
 mention right now
 But just before he says goodnight, he looks
 up with a little smile at me and says


 If I could be like that, I would
 give anything
 Just to live one day, in those shoes
 If I could be like that, what would I do,
 what would I do

 Now and dreams we run

 Verse 2:

 She spends her days up in the north park,
 watching the people as they pass
 And all she wants is just a little piece of
 this dream, is that too much to ask
 With a safe home, and a warm bed, on a
 quiet little street
 All she wants is just that something to
 hold onto, that's all she needs


 I'm falling into this, in dreams
 we run away



 (The choruses at the end are not all played w/the music to the chorus, 
 but the lyrics are that of the chorus, so just listen to the CD and 
 you'll see what I mean)

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