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Tuesdays Gone With The Wind
de Lynyrd Skynyrd
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From: (Sakari Lampinen)
Subject: Re: Tuesday's gone (intro TAB)

>From: (Brian R Ross)
>Subject: Re: REQ: LYNYRD SKYNYRD Tuesday's Gone
>Date: 14 Jun 1994 21:11:22 GMT
>C          G  Am                  F
>Train roll on, many miles from my home
>C          G      Am (add F)
>Riding my blues away
>C          G         Am (add F)
>Tuesday's gone with the wind
>...can't remember the words off hand.

I Could be wrong, but I remember it like this:

A          E  F#m                  D
Train roll on, many miles from my home
A             E      D
I'm riding my blues away

A          G         D
Tuesday's gone with the wind

So it's   A  E  F#m  D 
and later A  E  D  
          A  G  D

chord formations(all basic forms):

A   -02220
E   022100
F#m 244222
D   --0232
G   320003

and here is the intro (as far as I can tell and remember). 
The bridge is the same with little variations.

It has been years since I last played this (or as a matter of fact even
listened to it), so the timing might be a little off. And besides I've
never been good with notes and notation.

If anybody is interested I could see if I can remember the bridge.
The same applies to the solo, although I'm not sure if I know (or knew) 
the solo. 

You'll have to excuse my (propably) unorthodox tabbing. 
This is my first posting.

        ^ = bend                                       | = pause  /  = slide
        h = hammer-on

        .. = hold or let ring
                  p = pull-off

The last 5 notes might be played by keyboards on the recording.

Also the 12 notes before it are played differently in the middle of
the song:


Subject: Tuesday's Gone Yet Again

I nothced an incomplete version of this in C. This is what I play in A.
Can be a real tear jerker if slowed down a bit and a little feeling added.
Pleas don't do a Micheal Bolton on it.

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind
Lynard Skynard

>From the Lynard Skynard Gold and Platinum song book

This is in 4/4 Time

          triplet           triplet
   ^      ^           ^     ^         ^      ^          ^    ^
This figure is just quarters and triplet eights, ending with a half.
The ^ denotes beats. Play 2 times.

Now pickout chords in an semi into melody or the above rythm.
To my ear a E sounds better than the E7 IMHO

A  E7  F#m   D      A E7   D

A          E7  F#m          D
Train roll on,  On down the line
          A              E7   D
Won't you please take me far away

A                  E7    F#m         D
 Now feel the wind blow,  outside my door
            A               E7      D
(Means I'm)  I'm leaving my woman behind

A          G             D
 Tuesday's gone with the wind
A          E7            D
 My baby's gone with the wind

Pick out chords again with lots of feeling
A  E7  F#m   D      A E7   F#m

A            E7    F#m           D
 And I don't know,  Oh where I'm going
A             E7       D
 I just wonna be left alone

A                    E7    F#m        D
 Well when this tain ends,  I'll try again
A               E7       D
 I'm leaving my woman at home

A          G             D
 Tuesday's gone with the wind
A          G             D
 Tuesday's gone with the wind    (Try useing different harmonizing)
A          G             D
 Tuesday's gone with the wind
A          G             D
 Tuesday's gone with the wind
A          E7            D
 My baby's gone with the wind

A               E7  F#m                D
 Now train roll on, Many miles from my home
A                   E7     D
 See I'm ridding my blues away

A                E7   F#m           D
 Now Tuesday you see, she had to be free
A                     E7       D
 But Some how I'm got to carry on


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