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Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
de Roxette
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Tom: Dm

in a time 
           Am               Dm
where the sun descends alone, 
         F         C           Dm
i ran a long long way from home 
            Am                   G 
to find a heart that's made of stone. 
i will try,
        Am             Dm 
i just need a little time 
              F          C           Dm
to get your face right out of my mind,
              Am                     G
to see the world through different eyes. 
F           Bb            Dm     C    
 every time i see you oh i try to hide away 
F        Bb                   C       F   
 but when we meet it seems i can't let go.
F          Bb                     Dm     C              Bb
 every time you leave the room i feel i'm fading like a flower. 
tell me why?
         Am               Dm 
when i scream there's no reply, 
         F             C             Dm
when i reach out there's nothing to find,
        Am                   G 
when i sleep i break down and cry. 

every time i see you... 
C               Dm   C  F  
 fading like a rose, 
C               Dm   C  F  
 fading like a rose, 
C                Dm  C  F 
 beaten by the storm , 
G              A
 talking to myself,

 getting washed by the rain, 
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