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Straight To My Heart
de Sting
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Tom: Bm
          Bm       Bm7M   Bm7
Well in a hundred years from now
            Bm6     Bm5+     Bm
They will attempt to tell us how
             Bm7M     Bm7
A scientific means to bliss
          Bm6      Bm5+   Bm
Will supersede the human kiss
        Bm7M  Bm7
A sub atomic chain
           Bm6   Bm5+    Bm
Will maybe galvanize the brain
     Bm7M    Bm7  
A biochemic trance
      Bm6  Bm5+   Bm
Will eliminate romance
But why ever should we care
          G                 Em
When there are arrows in the air
Formed by lovers' ancient art
   ( E     Bm )
That go straight to my heart (BIS)
             Bm7M     Bm7
A future sugar coated pill
                Bm6   Bm5+    Bm
Would give our lovers time to kill
                       Bm7M     Bm7
I think they're working far too much
            Bm6   Bm5+ Bm
For the redundancy of touch
But what will make me yours
      G               Em
Are a million deadly spores
Formed by lovers' ancient art
     ( E    Bm )                    A D
That go straight to my heart (BIS)
     G    A     G D
Come into my door
       G            A   G D
Be the light of my life
     G     A        G D
Come into my door
             G        A               G D
You'll never have to sweep the floor
     G     A       G D
Come into my door
       G        A      G D
Be the light of my life
     G    A      G D
Come into my door
        G   A      G A
Come and be my wife
     G   F#4
I'll be true  

To no one but you
          Bm    Bm7M      Bm7
If it's a future world we fear
           Bm6     Bm5+        Bm
We have tomorrow's seeds right here
                  Bm7M        Bm7
For you can hold them in your hand
            Bm6   Bm5+   Bm  
Or let them fall into the sand
But if our love is pure
          G                   Em
The only thing of which we're sure
Then you can play your part
     ( E  Bm )               
And go straight to my heart (BIS)
           Bm     Bm7M
If I should seek immunity
            Bm7    Bm6  Bm5+ Bm
Seek nothing if you not see
            Bm7M          Bm7
So then the only thing to do
             Bm6     Bm5+     Bm 
Is for me to pledge myself to you
But they only dealt one card
        G            Em
So for me it is not hard
You're the bright star in my chart
    ( E  Bm )
You go straight to my heart
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