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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Mark knopfler

de Mark knopfler
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Tom: Bm7

Intro:  Bm7  D  A  G   Bm7  D  A  G   Bm7  Bm7  Bm7  F# C9 (Stop)
Bm7     D        A         G9
Red sun, go down way over dirty town
Bm7             D             A       E9
Starlings are sweeping around crazy shoals
Bm7         D                   A                          G9
Yes, and a girl is there, high heeling across the square
Bm7                 D                          A              E9
The wind it blows around in her hair, and the flags upon the poles
Waiting in the crowd to cross at the light
                     G     F#m7          Bm7   F#m7   Bm7   F#   C9
She looks around to find a face she can like.

Bm7          D           A                        G9
Church bell, clinging on, trying to get a crowd, Evensong
Bm7                D        A              E9
Nobody cares to depend upon, the chime it plays
Bm7                        D                   A                   G9
They're all in the station, praying for trains, the congregation's, late again
Bm7                 D             A                E9
It's getting darker, all the time, these flagpole days
Drunk old soldier he gives her a fright
                 G      F#m7   Bm7   F#m7   Bm7   F#   C9
He's crazy lion howling for a fight.
Bm7           D               A                    G9
Strap hanging, gunshot sound, door slamming on the, overground
Bm7                D              A                 E9
The starlings are tough, but the lions are made of stone
Bm7                   D          A                               G9
Her evening paper is horror torn, but there's hope later for, capricorns
Bm7                       D           A              E9
Her lucky stars give her just enough, ... to get her home
Then she's reading about a swing to the right
                              G     F#m7   Bm7   F#m7   Bm7   F#   C9
But she's thinking about a stranger in the night
G                       A    G                        A
I'm thinking about the lions, I'm thinking about the lions
G                     A       Bm7   F#m7    Bm7   F#m7    Bm7   F#m7    Bm7
A   (fade out)
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