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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Natalie imbruglia

Big Mistake
de Natalie imbruglia
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Tom: A

Intro: A G D  x4
A            G           D 
 There's no sign on the gate 

 And there's mud on your face 

 Don't ya think it's time we reinvestigate the situation 

 Put some fruit on your plate 
E                  A 
 You've forgotten how it started 
 Close your eyes 
 Think of all the bubbles of love we made 
A            G             D 
 And you're down on your knees 
 It's too late, oh don't come crawlin' 
A         G         D 
 And you lie by my feet 
 What a big mistake, I see you fallin' 
 A       G         D 
 Got a buzz in my head 

 And my flowers are dead 

 Can't figure out a way to rectify this situation 

 Don't believe what you said 

Repeat Prechorus 

Repeat Chorus 
A          G           D 
 I could sting like a bee 

 Careful how you treat me 

 Baby I don't think I'll accept your sorry invitation 

 Close the door as you leave 

Repeat Prechorus 

Repeat Chorus 
A         G        D 
 And you cry over me 
 I can't wait, I feel you stallin' 
A         G        D 
 And you try to reach me 
 What a big mistake, I hear you callin' 

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