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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Natalie imbruglia

de Natalie imbruglia
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Tom: A
(Intro Riff)
G---------2---------2---------2-2-----------2-  (repeated)
A                    G                  F
Had a dream ,had a drowning dream I was in a river of pain
A                 G                 F
Only difference this time I wasn't calling out your name yeah
A               G
Has it ended before its begun
You hold on and I try to run but


F         C              G
Anybody heading in my direction
Away from the city
F               C                  G
Anybody wanna change the way they feel
Step inside
F                       C              G
Doesn't really matter where you wanna take me
Away from the city
F               G   F                G
I wanna start again, I wanna start again
F                G                    A (Intro Riff)
I wanna take it back, I wanna start again
A                  G               F
Funny how those friends forget you when you tire of their games
A                     G                     F
You miss a show or a party that blows and they've forgotten your name
A                    G
And you wonder what you've become
They pull you back when you try to run, well
A               G          F
I left the me I used to be, I wanna see this through
A               G              F
I left the me I used to be, if only you'd see it too
A                   G
Well I wonder what you've become
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