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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Natalie imbruglia

de Natalie imbruglia
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Written by: Imbruglia, Clark

Intro: D ( D4 ) D  |  G ( G2 ) G X2
D/F#                 G
Swallow purple terror candy
D                    G     
Don't forget to breathe
D/F#                G
Sickened by the wanting
D                               G
And drowning from the need
Em                   G
This dichromatic vision
D                            G
Of one who does not care
Em                       G
To sipping cocktail sedatives
D                            G
Two months to hide somewhere

D/F#    G   D         G
Butterflies, Butterflies
D/F#                 G                     D         G
Cut the stomach out and hand it over
Em       G   D           G
Butterflies, Butterflies
Em                   G                   D     G 
My heart will be the bridge that you walk over

VERSE2(Mesma coisa do vesro 1)
The wolf has caught the chicken
And now I feel unsteady
Emotions on the blink again
So kick me when you're ready
Here lies a violet coffin
The death of my control
Along with all my skeletons
They put them in the hole

Sickened by the notion
I give myself again
Choking on the bullet, the gun-
thats found a friend
So raise your glass to sorrow
And drink to all the pain
Tie a silver ribbon around
The pieces that remain 


Butterflies, Butterflies
Cut the stomach out and hand it over
Butterflies, Butterflies
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