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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elton john

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Without question
de Elton john
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Tom :G

Intro: Eb  Bb/D  Bb/F  F  C/G  G  C

Eb  Bb/D  Bb/F  F  C/G  G  C

G                 C/G
The more I learn, the more I see
D                             C/G    G
The less the world impassions me
G                 C/G
The hungry heart, the roving eye
D                           C/G      G
Have come to rest, do not apply
F                  E7
The frantic chase, the crazy ride
A                    D
The thrill has gone, I step aside
F/C     C      F/C C    E7
I'd believe in anything were it not for you
Am                 Am/G     G/F  F
Showing me by just existing only this is true
  Em7(b5)   A7   Dm                  Bb    F/G  G    C      
I love you, I love you without question, I    love you

    repeat into as interlude and verse chords for 2nd verse

The more I want the more I steal

The more I hold the less is real

All worldly things I follow blind

In hope not faith was paid in kind

The line is drawn, the change is made

I come to you, I'm not afraid
Eb  Bb/D  Bb/F  F  C/G  G  C

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