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Wings of time
de Toto
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Tom: F#m

F#m                    A                      E
My faithful companion, I've lost my way once again
F#m                     A                 E
A prisoner of darkness, I let you down my friend
F#m                          A                   E
A heart left abandoned takes so long to heal its wounds
F#m                           A            E             D      E
Your touch not forgotten, the end of the dreams come too soon
        D           E       D
In this lonely room , till I leave this world
E      C#m
Always know that

F#m A        E      F#m A            E
I     will surrender my heart to the sky
F#m A            E
Our love doesn't end here
It lives forever
E               F#m    A    E
On the wings of time

F#m                    A                             E
The road that I travel don't know which way I should turn
F#m                   A                      E
Till I find the aswer know that the fire within me will always burn
F#m                    A           E
Angel of mercy, please why so much pain?
F#m                           A          E              D      E
I cry for forgiveness I'm the destitute man who still remains
        D               E       D
It's so hard to explain, till I leave this world
E      C#m
Always know that


A           C#m            F#m   E   A                   C#m
Sometimes I feel just like crying, I can't turn my back
All these years I've been trying
G                        A
A vision of you keeps reappearing to me
    G                                                 A
You can't blame yourself just reach out your hand and believe

F#m   A    E

F#m                    A                          E
We sail in dark waters Lord give me some peace of mind
F#m                   A                       E                 D       E
Temptation before me, ahead lies the tower of truth that I must find
              D     E       D                          E
To you I will climb, till I leave this cruel world far behind
Always know that

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