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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elvis presley

In the ghetto
de Elvis presley
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Intro:   A  D   A   D

A                    D A
As the snow flies.    
      A7M                         Bm                 E         
On a cold and grey Chicago morn'   another little baby child is born
       A             D A      D A
In the ghetto

A                          D A
And his mother cries  ( in the ghetto )
'Cause if there's one thing that she don't need, 
     Bm                    E                          A           D A
It's another little hungry mouth to feed        In the ghetto

                     E                               D       A
Now people don't you understand   The child needs a helping hand
        D                 E                     A
Or he'll grow up to be  an angry young man some day
               E                       Bm      A
Take a look at you and me   Are we too blind to see
   D            A7M                    Bm             E
Or do we just   turn our heads   and look the other way
      A              D A
As the world turns

      A7M                                  Bm           
And a hungry little child with a runny nose  plays in the streets
      E                          A                 D  A
As the cold wind blows    And his hunger burns
      A7M                                          Bm     
So he starts to roam the streets at night and he learns how to steal
       E                              A         D A    D A
And he learns how to fight    In the ghetto

    E                              Bm                 A
And then one night in desperation   A young man breaks away
   D           A7M           Bm                  E
He buys a gun   steals a car   tries to run  but he don't get far
       A                    D A
And his mother cries

    A7M                                         Bm 
As a crowd gathers 'round   an angry young man    face down in the street
      E                                     A           D A
With a gun in his hand    As her young man dies

      A7M                         Bm                 E
An a cold and grey Chicago morn'   another little baby child is born
      A           D A                            D A
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