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Mama liked the roses
de Elvis presley
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Tom: Eb

Intro: Eb  Fm  Bb  Eb

                       Fm      Bb                       Eb       C
    Oh, mama liked the roses       she grew them in the yard
                      Fm            G                C
    But Winter always came around      and made the growing way too hard
                       Fm      Bb                       Eb       C
    Oh, mama liked the roses       and when she had the time
                   Fm               G                 C
    She'd decorate the living room ,   for all us kids to see
                    F               Bb                   F          Bb
    When I hear the Sunday bells          ringing in the morning
               G        C                    F
    I remember crying      when she used to sing
                       Fm      Bb                       Eb       C
    Oh, mama liked the roses        but most of all she cared
                     Fm              G            C
    About the way we learned to live    and if we said our prayers

    Spoken: (and play this: 
    Fm  Bb  Eb  C  Fm  G  C )
    "You know I kept the family bible

    With a rose that she saved inside

    It was pressed between the pages

    Like it had found a place to hide"
                       Fm      Bb                     Eb       C
    Oh, mama liked the roses        in such a special way
                        Fm            G               C
    We bring them every Mother's Day     and put them on her grave
                       Fm      Bb                     Eb       C
    Oh, mama liked the roses           Mmmm
                   Fm       Bb                     Eb       C
    Mama liked the roses            Mmmm

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