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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Evanescence

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Breathe no more
de Evanescence
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Bm          G     A       Bm            G    A
I've been looking in the mirror for so long
Bm         G         A        Bm                  G    A
That I've come to believe my soul's on the other side
Bm       G      A      Bm        G    A
All the little pieces falling shatter
Bm         G  A            Bm          G    A
Shards of me too sharp to put back together
      F#      G
Too small to matter
     Bm            A              F           G
But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces
If I try to touch her
        G A      G A
And I bleed, I bleed
        Bm  A      Bm  A     
And I breathe, I breathe
No more 
Bm       G            A      Bm                    G    A
Take a breath and I'll try to draw from my spirit's well
Bm    G             A        Bm                    G    A
Yet again you´ll refuse to drink like a stubborn child
Bm      G      A            Bm         A      G     A
Lie to me, convince me that I've been sick forever
     Bm      G     A        Bm               G     A
And all of this, will make sense when I get better
F#              G
But I know the difference
    Bm              A
Between myself and my reflection
        F#                 G
I just can't help but to wonder
Which of us do you love?
       G A      G A
So I bleed, I bleed
        Bm A       Bm A
And I breathe, I breathe no...
G  A       G A
Bleed, I bleed
       Bm A       Bm A
And I breathe, I breathe
Bm   A        Bm  A
I breathe, I breathe
    Bm   G   A   Bm
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