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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Evanescence

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Away from me
de Evanescence
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Fm         C#                   C7             Fm
I hold my breath as this life starts to take its toll
              C#           C7            Fm
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds
    C#            Bbm
But oh, God, I feel I've been lied to
 C                  C7
Lost all faith in the things I have achieved

    Fm          C#           G#
And I've woken now to find myself
              D#                Fm
In the shadows of all I have created
          C#               G# G
I'm longing to be lost in you (away from this place I have made)
Won't you take me away from me

Crawling through this world as disease flows through my veins

I look into myself, but my own heart has been changed

I can't go on like this

I loathe all I've become

Bbm        F/A            Fm/Ab                C/G
Lost in a dying world I reach for something more
  Bbm            C/G             C7
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