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Train leaves here this mornin'
de Eagles
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E   Esus4   E   Esus4   E   Esus4   E
E                                D
I lost ten points just for bein' in the right place
       B7           E       Esus4    E
At exactly the wrong time,
E                                D      
I looked right at the facts there but I may 
             B7             E     Esus4    E
As well have been completely blind
      C#m                   F#7
So if you see me walkin' all alone,
         C#m                         F#7
Don't look back; I'm just on my way back home

F7M          E                                  D   
There's a train leaves here this mornin', I don't know
B7               E
What I might be on

E                               D
She signed me to a contract, baby said
         B7            E    Esus4    E
It would all be so lifelong
E                                   D
I looked around then for a reason when there wasn't 
          B7                E
Something more to blame it on
       C#m                              F#7
But if time makes a diff'rence while we're gone,
      C#m                      F#7
Tell me now and I won't be hangin' on


E                                  D
Thirteen-twenty North Columbus was the address
       B7              E    Esus4    E
That I wrote down on my sleeve,
E                                     D
I don't know just what she wanted might have been
          B7                E
That it was gettin' time to leave
      C#m                        F#7
And I watched as the smokeer passed it on,
      C#m                           F#7
And I laughed when the joker said, "Lead on"

E                                        D
There's a train leaves here this mornin', I don't know
B7           Eb                 E    E9
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